godaddy ip address settings for dns

[updates] The godaddy interface has changed and may merely look like the one stated below, while the parameters and other things are still similar, you will not find much difficulty if you go through the steps mentioned below.

why you landed up on this post , may be because-

You are not able to find what ip address you should place in DNS management under domain manager for godaddy hosting provider.

You are just new to godaddy hosting and looking for,from where you can get the ip of ur hosting server.

You want to fill the A records of godaddy for your hosting management, but not getting the exact ip address.

Answer to all of your problems is resolved now,check out the screen attached to view location of ip address of your godaddy hosting account.

Login to go to MY Account >>> Hosting Management , Launch your control panel

godaddy server ip addresses

check out the block marked with red color for godaddy server ip address

This is the place where you will get the ip address of your godaddy server,plz note that this ip address need to be placed at godaddy DNS records,for pointing your custom domain to godaddy hostin.

godaddy dns record setting

Godaddy DNS records settings

these are some of the basic settings for absolute beginners who started using godaddy recently and facing difficulties in finding DNS settings and do’s and dont’s related to it.  You can only edit the DNS settings if you are not using name-servers for domain pointing. If you have entered Namserver then DNS settings wont be available for you.  If you unable the DNS server you have to do that settings manually.

While godaddy provides Free DNS access with every domain, on the hand most of the domain registrar charge for the service.

If you want to buy bulk domains, and want pretty good interface for domain management, then godaddy is best option for you, you will get plenty of coupon codes for different level of shopping in godaddy.

Buying a Shared hosting from godaddy is not a good idea, as i have been using it couple of years and only well suited for static websites that arent updated frequently and solely for informative purpose. Godaddy shared hosting crashes or serve 404 if the load increases on server, while hostgator shared hosting can bear a load of 7000 visitors a day.

Hostgator is one of the best and world’s top popular webhosting service available in cheap price and heavy discount, one can rely on hostgator for fast service and stable server.

If you are not hosting domain on godaddy server, this trick is of no use and most of the feature would be disabled.  Godaddy is one of the best domain registrar in world, you can get really good deals on new domains and renewals using godaddy coupon codes.


2 Responses

  1. reddy

    02/06/2011, 11:49 am

    is the ip address same for all hosting account , i cannot find the same ip address as of you

  2. Vinay

    02/08/2011, 03:18 pm

    No, for all the different hosting account users, ip address is also different. So just logon to your godaddy account, check for the ip address and place the exact ip address to the DNS records.


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