Latest Paper Presentations Topics For Engineering Students

Update 2014 : Since my most of the old post are now outdated, i am trying to update them with fresh content, this particular article talks about latest paper presentation topics for engineering students. here i will try to give list of all new technology topics that are in either research phase or yet to make entry between us. I have tried to list the topics under different engineering streams. See which topic interest you most.

How to make your own paper presentation topics out of list?

Go through the list of 200 new paper presentation topics listed below, they all are new fresh and basically categorized based on ongoing research. Pick up the topics that interest you most. Read about the research online as much as you can. Say read hundreds of articles on the topic which fascinates you most. Pen down some important points somewhere and now conclude the research in your own words. See if you can add some idea to existing research, for example – if research is about inventing bicycle that can be used both in water as well as roads. then think of giving it something more and the new topic is all new research work of yours.

I want to tell you one more thing, these topics are categorized depending upon field of research, it is not mandatory that one has to publish research paper or paper presentation topics on his/her field. You can choose any topic that attracts you.

paper presentation topics 2014

Technical Paper presentation always gives an extra edge to engineering students apart from crowd, if you start participating in paper presentations your stage fear will be eloped, you will feel much confident in everything you do, you will be having broader knowledge of topics. Apart from all this Every interviewer is always looking for student who has presentation skills apart from technical skills, so it helps you in fetching a job where you need to put only 50% efforts if you participated in any paper presentations in past. While those who didnt participated are having less chance of getting selected.

We at started a new subject where  we will help students to develop their paper presentations skills by delivering updated technical topics in every sector of engineering. Apart from all this we will also help you to make final PPT for presentation and all of this will be available free of cost.

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Latest Paper Presentation Topics for IT ,CSE & ECE  Engineering Students.

1) Future of Newspapers – AMOLED Technology.

2) Artificial Intelligence Software 2011 – Supercomputer Defeats Humanity.

3) TransferJet Coupler Technology – High Speed Communication Between Eletronic Device

4) Internet Enabled Navigation Using GPRS to Enhance Traffic Routing.

5) 4G Evolution “ Networks of Networks”

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These topics are closely related to IT(Information Technology),CSE(Computer Science Engineering),ECE engineering students , but when you present a paper then its not mandatory that it should be of your branch, even electrical Engineering student or either Mechanical Engineering or management student or civil engineering student, can opt for latest technology topics.

Paper Presentation skills is to prove how much command you are having on your selected topic and the way you deliver it despite of selected topic and branch you are enrolled for.

We will also provide Free Paper Presentations PPT Slides Download on Request.


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