[Question] Linksys WAP610N Default Ip Address,Password

As Such There is no default IP address Defined for Cisco Linksys WAP610N. The device itself uses DHCP generate an IP address. If you want to get the default IP address, First of all run the  SETUP CD and connect the Linksys WAP610N.
default ip address passowrd linksys wap610n

Username : admin or if someone has not configured it yet.

Password : admin

In Order to access the Linksys WAP610N via web broswer you need to enter three values :

Access URL : is the default ip address of WAP610N.

Username : <blank>


This Default IP Address & Password is applicable for  linksys  WAG54G, WAP610N, WCG200, WRT310N, WRT320N

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