[Question] Technical Events Happening In Indian Engineering Colleges

[Question] From where i can get the list of technical events happenings in different engineering colleges this year (2011),at the same time i want to participate in technical paper presentation? plz provide me the list of colleges like IIT,NIT,Deemed University etc. At the same time please list colleges which are in metro cities like (delhi,mumbai,kolkata,chennai,hyderabad,Bangalore) where i can get flights easily.

[Answer ] First and the basic approach to get the info is to contact your college registrar usually whenever a college organize the festival,the newsletter and poster is sent to each and every engineering colleges, otherwise a email.

But now you do not need to search around for technical events happening in India, not only technical but management related or various seminars and workshop, their is a website which gives you each and every information related to technical , management related festivals happening all over in India. Sign up for the newsletter an you will never miss any festivals.

Website is : http://www.knowafest.com/

You can also post your college festival details on the website,For free Promotions and Marketing.

Top Benefits of Participating in College Techfests

  • You will get to know where you stand among the crowd of your batch.
  • Bunch of Technology Information that will update your IQ level.
  • Chance to make talented friends from every segment.
  • Chance to win cash prizes and fame altogether.
  • Very Good Social Networking for future en-devours.
  • Good plateform to show your talent and win back the heart of your fellows and college professors.
  • Adds +10 points to your existing resume profile

How to get selected in College Techfests.

Getting selected in technical college fests is not a rocket science, being in education nobody comes out to be as scientist, unlike exception. one can easily prepare a topic with well researched content and submit it to various colleges playing with titles and words.

Be ready for any discussion on any topic

This part comes out to be as nightmare for most of the students, generally typical lifestyle of normal engineering students starts from college and ends up in attending coachings and courses. They hardly invest their time getting hands on with technology and extra curricular activities.  Here are the few tips that if you follow in your daily routine you can come out as techno geek.
  • Read latest happenings, as you are engineering student choose the area which suites your interest and lies in your stream.
  • Get in touch with local events,happenings and fairs.
  • Develop interest in technology happenings and related areas apart from your regular studies.
  • Get in touch with guys who are leading in techno front(you will find many around you who keeps on talking about latest things etc)
  • Involve in discussions with your friends regarding technology,mobiles,world news etc.
  • Get in touch with your professors for upper level information regarding your stream.

How to Choose Perfect Topic/Subject/Matter/Paper for Technical Festival.

Now this part is pretty tricky, first of all you have to research for unique,latest and upcoming technology topic published/publishing, if you google with dates and year you will find many  like ” robotics innovation 2012″.
  • Read any paper/topics/subject/matter to the fullest.
  • Try searching as many content as you can and finishing them on sync.
  • Pickup up the important lines that adds value to the whole discussion. for eg “so this technique reduces tumor inside brain”
  • Make your own article summarizing the bunch of articles you went through.
  • Add something unique to it, you will find any loophole,addition to the existing topics if you have thoroughly read it.
 Follow above mention simple tips will get you in/selected in any technical events happening anywhere in india.

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