Holographic Data Storage System Technology


If you are wondering when all this started, then let me tell you, during the early days the storage was limited to few hundred MB’s for which the devices size and accessibility was very difficult, the 10MB data drive used to take full shelf rack space and used to get heated to often that the computer need to be restated few times in a day, the storage and so as the size of the disk enhanced as the technology evolved.

Holographic Data Storage will store upto 1 TB of data on a DVD sized disk, or  Into any storage device typical DVD diskspace capacity range in few Gbs, but just imaging if you are allowed to save 1 TB (around 1500 CDs capacity) of data on a single DVD disk, which you can access in few microseconds at the speed of light, such promising results can be obtained using holographic data storage technology.

The coming storage disk technology will see micro dvds that are capable of storing huge data that can be accessed, altered within few clicks.

holographic data storage system

What is Holography ?

Optical Method by which Large amount of data can be stored in relatively small areas by writing data in pages,as three dimensional holograms on a photosensitive crystal or polymer medium.

How Holographic Data storage Works

•Laser beams splits into 2 beams.
•Beams works as object beam and Reference beam.
•To read the stored data, the media is illuminated by original reference beam.
•Thousands of Holograms can be stored in the same location by simply changing angle of reference.
•Multiple Data Recording is possible by Using Light at Different angles

Holographic Data storage Advantages

  • Associative memory capability
  • Access All the Data in Few Microseconds
  • Storage Capacity Increased Multiple Folds

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The storage segment is yet to see mega revolution, with technological advancement coming every then and now, one can expect a huge storage coming in extremely small device. The Holographic Data Storage technology has allowed researchers to bring breakthrough in electronic industry, which is going to evolve further.

With USB 3.0, accessing storage devices has become more advanced, it takes 30% less time to copy and move files. Storage device that are fast and powerful are still not affordable and people might have to wait for alternative that are sure to come in future on which researchers from around the world are already working hard to make it available.

The demand of storage is never going to decline and with growing use information and world moving to digital side, the next generation storage options would be available with packed software which can allow users to restore data, access data remotely and much more. One can say the storage data can see automation in itself.


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