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Update 2014 – List of 200 new paper presentation topics for your reference. All then subject titles are ongoing research work from around the world. Devote some time reading about titles that fascinate you most and you can come up with new innovation of your own. Click below to download the free pdf.

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Technology has become the basis of our life today. There is nothing that is not technology driven and technology is advancing at break-neck speed. This was not the case earlier as technology was considered to be a treat that only the elite class could enjoy. Now, it has become a necessity for anyone and everyone.

This is our free paper presentation ppt slides giveaway for computer science(CSE) , information technology(IT) and electronics and telecommunication engineering (ECE)students, we will keep on delivering you the latest hot paper presentation topics rolling in the year 2011  with the aim of giving you the in depth details of upcoming technology.

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List of Paper Presentation Topics 

There are technological advancements on a daily basis and it is the center of focus for the R&D Departments of all companies. There are new inventions that are being across the globe on a regular basis and these inventions have a profound impact on the masses as these inventions are being put to use for their benefit. Here are some of the cool technology inventions that are changing lives and the way people think. and do not forget these are some of the best paper presentation topics that students can refer too.

Thermal Imaging Cameras for Soldiers


Thermal imaging cameras capture images infrared wavelengths of 8 to 12 micrometers and at this wavelength warm blooded organisms glow brightly. This technology is already in use by fire fighters and they use it to find out the danger spots in case that has been a fire. The only issue with these cameras is that they are bulky and extremely expensive but the DARPA has shelled out $13.4 million for creating small thermal sensors that can be integrated into the handsets of US soldiers, so that they can be ready for what is waiting to ambush them. Undoubtedly the thermal imaging shooters is one of the best paper presentation topics as far as year 2014 is considered.

Lightweight Batteries for Soldiers in War using Solar Cells

In order to shed the excess weight the Australian soldiers carry in the form of batteries that are imperative to run the numerous devices that they have, the ANU has developed solar cells that are as thick as human hair and are extremely flexible. These silicon cells that have been christened “Silver cells” by ANU are basically slices that are 50 to 100mm long, 1 to 2mm wide and 45m micrometers thick and when they are stacked up together, they are capable of producing power of 140 watts per square meter. There is no compromise on the efficiency and at the same time, a lot of unwanted load can be avoided. Solar cells is one of the latest paper presentation topic that every professor want to hear.

Fitness conscious robot that breaks a sweat after a workout

Petman, the humanoid robot that is being developed by Boston dynamics for the purpose of shielding soldiers from various biological and chemical weapons has the capability to walk, run, do push-ups etc as well as test conditions inside the gear by causing changes in temperature, sweating etc. The robot is also able to regain its posture after being shoved aside. Another paper presentation topic worth reading.

Making deserts inhabitable

green house project deserts

The Sahara Forest Project will finally have its first site at Aqaba and here, a saltwater greenhouse will be established where vegetables and algae will be planted. Water from the Red Sea will be used for the purpose of irrigation and cool air will be blown into the green house so that there are favorable conditions for the growth of the vegetables. This air will get heated up by the sunlight as it passes over the pipes through which the seawater will flow and then the hot, moisture laden air will finally reach a network of pipes that consist of cold seawater, making the water condense and flow to collectors that are present below. This water will then be heated by a Concentrating Solar Power Plant that will produce steam for the purpose of turning the turbine, to produce electricity that will be used for supporting the lights and fans of the greenhouse. Good paper presentation topics for civil engineering department.

Fire fighter robot to rescue sailors in peril

fire fighter robot project

Here is another humanoid robot that will help sailors to combat fires that may break out in a ship. The robot has been named Shipboard Autonomous Fire-Fighting Robot (SAFFiR). This robot is specifically for navy ships that have narrow alleys, stairs etc. It will have legs instead of wheels so that it can remain stable while the ship is moving. The humanoid robot will be equipped with linear actuators that function like human muscles and to complement it there will be force control as well for movement that is akin to humans’. Apart from this, there will be sensors integrated in the robot that will guide it through smoke filled environment. Also, efforts are being put, so that the robot can be used for daily chores, as well.

A laptops that lets your eyes do the talking

eye tracking technology windows

The CES had all sorts of sense controlled devices, but the one that grabbed the most eyeballs (all pun intended) was by Tobii Technology that has come out with a Windows 8 based laptop that works on the eye tracking technology. This means that the user just has to look at an application that he desires to launch and then tap the touchpad of the laptop and the application will be launched. The technology is integrated at the base of the screen and there is a 3D model that is created by the cameras that illuminate eyes of the user and thus his vision is treated like a cursor. Another very good paper presentation topics for cse.

Intelligent Power Adapters that remember your passwords, from Apple

apple password adapters

Apple is always a step ahead of the others and they have proved this once more with their latest invention, a power cord that can help people to recollect forgotten passwords and that is not all, it will also save your device from being stolen. The power cord will have a small memory chip fitted into it, the key of which will be stored in the device and thus only, the correct device will be able to take a look at the recovery data.

Generating electricity with salt

generating electricity from salt

As the Amazon finally meets the sea near Belem, billions of gallons of fresh water gets mixed up with saltwater and this potential difference is now going to be put to use to produce electricity. The idea is not novel, but for the first time, it will be put to practical use in such a big way. The battery has been dubbed “mixing entropy battery” and like any standard battery will have two electrodes, one with positive sodium ions and the other with negative chlorine ions. These will be inserted in Amazon river. The battery will charge up as the freshwater along with a paltry amount of charge will create a pull on the electrodes and thus increase the voltage between the two. Once the fresh water is replaced by the seawater, electricity will be produced and this can be harnessed from the battery.

More efficient batteries for electric cars, from Nano Flakes

nanosheets battery electric cars

Nanosheets of materials can produce highly efficient batteries for electric cars. Creating these flakes is a bit of an issue, but the problem has been solved as they can now be created from different substances. If the substances are multi layered, then they can be split into different layers and each layer will have distinct properties that will enhance the energy that is produced by the nanosheets. Along with this, if certain conductors are added then the hybrid that is formed will have all the thermoelectric properties as well as conduction. These flakes can be produced by immersing various powders in an ultrasonic bath and passing high frequency sound waves through it, which will help produce single flakes. Nanosheets is undoubtedly a very good paper presentation topics for mechanical engineering fellows.

Laser guided wheelchair for the blind

This wheelchair is equipped with a laser that scans the surroundings and creates a map of the impediments that are present in the room and tells the user about their location, thus preventing the person from ramming into them. The wheelchair has been created by the researchers at the Lulea University of Technology, Sweden. Innovative paper presentation topics for ece students.

Detect cancer with a new smartphone app

smartphone app detects cancer

A petite device that is controlled by an app loaded in a doctor’s smartphone will detect cancer in a patient’s body by examining just a few thousands cells in his body. The device consists of a micro nuclear magnetic resonance (microNMR) chip that functions with the help of magnetic nanoparticles that measure protein levels and search for special indicators of cancer.

Scanner that monitor brain waves and helps you to stay focused – Paper Presentation Topics

scanner brain waves

This brain scanner from Bodywave can be worn on any part of your body and will help you to monitor the condition of your brain. The device taps signals that come from the brain and electrical obstacles such as muscle movements are ignored. There are integrated games and the scanner maps the activity of the brain to indicate areas of concentration and distraction.

These cool technology inventions are sure to beautify the face of the Earth and the lives that people lead when they will be made available to the public. Till then, we can sit and wonder how fast the world is changing. These were the new paper presentation topics that one can refer too in year 2014.


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