iball Tablet Slide i7011 Review

Tablets have become rather common these days and in fact they have become cheaper too. In the past there were very few options to choose from but that is not the case anymore as more and more companies are coming out with high quality tablets at affordable costs. A perfect example of this is the iBall Slide i7011, a tablet that has some really great features and can be considered as an option in case you are planning to purchase a tablet in the future. Here is the iBall Slide i7011 Tablet review that you must go through before making any purchase.

iBall Slide i7011

Touch Screen

One of the most important aspects of a tablet these days is the quality of the touch screen that it has. The screen of the iBall tablet is quite decent. It has a 7 inch touch screen that has a screen resolution of 800 by 480 pixels. It is a WVGA screen.


The iBall Slide does not have a rear facing camera and that is quite a letdown as you cannot take pictures using it. It does have a front facing shooter though and that too a 2 MP one. The clarity is quite good though not exceptional.

Sound feature

Coming to the sound feature of the tablet, the inbuilt speakers of the tablets are just mediocre and there is miniscule distortion that can be heard when the volume is increased above a certain level. There is a standard 3.5 mm jack for inserting your headphones too.


The iBall Slide is powered by a 1GHz ARM Cortex and that is quite powerful. This processor powers the tablet that runs on the Android, Gingerbread operating system. Among others, this is the best part of the iBall specifications. Gingerbread is the best that Android has to offer at present and you can get it with the iBall slide.

Coming to the memory aspect, the tablet has 8Gb internal memory that seems to be quite low for a tablet but you can enhance that with the help of the miscroSD slot that has been provided that can support up to 32GB of memory. The battery that backs the device is extraordinary. It is a 4400 mAh battery.

There are quite a few positives regarding the tablet and there are some negatives too. Here is a list of all the advantages and disadvantages that the tablet has.


  • The features that the tablet is loaded with are not present with its competitors.
  • Compared to the Reliance tab, Magiq by Beetel and other competitors the touch screen is of far better quality.
  • The tablet is capable of playing videos in 720 HD without chopping them off. Not seen with the tablets of most of its competitors.
  • The tablet is preloaded with ES file explorer as well has an installer that will help you install third party apps, again an uncommon feature.
  • You get 5 and half hours of run time on Wi-Fi with the battery.


  • The design of the tablet is very passable. It is not very attractive and the company needs to work on that.
  • The positioning of the Back and the Menu key on the same button is quite a disappointing.
  • It has a plastic body, which is the case with most tabs but they really need to improve on the quality of the plastic.
  • The lack of the rear facing camera is another disappointment and the front facing one is just mediocre.
  • The lack of the Wi-Fi hotspot causes the volume to be extremely low.

iBall Slide i7011
The iBall Slide i7011 is priced at Rs.13,995 (USD $311) and that seems reasonable for a tablet with the features and specifications that the iBall is packed with. You can go in for this tablet in case it is your first tablet and want to have a good tablet experience but do not have the cash for a high end one


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