Best Split AC Models in India 2012 – Price List

Summers are here and it is time that we switched on the AC and enjoyed some smoothies to cool off. If you don’t have an AC and have been mulling on getting one, then you better stop doing that and go and get one. A window AC is not what you should be getting yourself, because this summer is all about Split ACs and so, I’ve mentioned the best split AC models in India 2012- Price list.

Price: Rs. 21890

This LG Split AC has the star rating which means that it conserves energy and that does not affect its efficiency. There is the auto cleaning present and thus, the AC goes not need to be dismantled for the purpose of cleaning as the auto cleaner dries out the heat exchanger where the bacteria proliferate. The AC has the Skew Fan Technology and that ensures no sound while you are sleeping.

LG LSA3CR2A Split AC Models

Lloyd FLS13A3T
Price: Rs. 17990

This AC has the mirror finish exterior and the front panel is extremely beautiful with a very summery design. There are many features that are present but the most important is that it has a LED display and the rotary compressor that uses less electricity. Apart from this there is the memory backup function and the auto defrosting due to which you will not have to suffer from any odours after using the AC for a few days.

Lloyd FLS13A3T Split AC Models

Haier HSU 09CA2
Price: Rs.17000

This air conditioner has a cooling capacity of o.8 tons and has the 2 star BEE rating which means that the energy conservation is pretty high and there is an air purifier as well, so there will be no foul odors. The air purifier of the AC is one of the best as it has 6 layers present and that makes the AC completely odor free and thus the room stays fresh. Also, there is the child lock, LED display and the health ionizer as additional features.

Haier HSU 09CA2 Split AC

Godrej GSC 18FE 3 WJM
Price: Rs.26000

This is a 1.5 ton AC that has the special silver Ion Filter that makes sure that there are no bacteria or any other microbe proliferation within the AC that leads to noxious smells. It has the memory function that will help the AC to retain its former operation in case there has been a power cut. There is the Carbon Deodorizer that not just gets rids of the odours but also nullifies the effect of harmful chemicals that are produced.

Godrej GSC 18FE 3 WJM Split AC Models

Videocon VTS53.CVE1 CH
Price: Rs.29990

This is a 1.5 ton split AC that produces just 42dbs of sound when its speed is turned up to the maximum. There is an LED remote control, the buttons of which glow in the dark and you don’t need to switch on the light each time you need to change the settings. It has the 3 star BEE rating and has complete electronic control. Video Split AC’s has its own range of products.

Videocon VTS53 CVE1 CH Split AC Model

Whirlpool Chrome III B-1.5ton
Price: Rs.28300

This air conditioner has the 6th sense technology and there is an LCD wireless remote control that enables you to operate the AC from a distance. The AC is available in a variety of colours and you can get any one according to the colour of your room. There is the anti-bacterial filer that is present that destroys all the bacteria that is growing within the AC.

Whirlpool Chrome III B1.5ton Split AC Models

Panasonic CS UC18MKYP
Price: Rs.25990

Here is another AC that has the capacity of 1.5 tons and with quite a few rare features that will make you want to have it. It has the auto restart and the airflow direction control present and there is the odor elimination feature that has been included as well. It has a Blue Fin conditioner that is known to use just the required amount of electricity and the panels of the AC and removable and washable.

Panasonic CS UC18MKYP Split AC

Onida S18FLT3
Price: Rs.25990

This 1.5 ton AC has a BEE star rating of 3 and there is the Pop-Up filter type that is present. It has a deodourizing filer and there is an Anti fungus protection layer that is present as well, that ensures that there is no growth of moulds and fungi within the AC. The Auto restart feature has been integrated and the maximum noise level is 40Db.

Onida S18FLT3 Split AC

Electrolux SS53.CDE1-CR
Price: Rs.27000

With a Bee star rating of 3, this 1.5 ton AC is what your room needs so that you enjoy the summer without shedding a drop of sweat. The AC has a rotary compressor and pop- up type of filter, that will make sure that the air that enters your room is clean and fresh and is odour free. Also there is an anti fungal and a bacteria filter present for obliterating microbial growth within the AC.

Electrolux SS53 CDE1 CR Split AC Models

Bluestar 3HW12TA
Price: Rs. 26000

This AC has an external appearance that will add to the beauty of your room and it is an efficient performer as well, which makes it a must-have, this summer. It has a cooling capacity of 1 ton and is known to be an energy saver AC. The remote control that comes along with the AC is fitted with sensors that is detects the temperature of the surroundings and the AC will get the indication.

Bluestar 3HW12TA Split AC Models

Hitachi LRAU014KPD
Price: Rs.25000

This AC has a cooling capacity of 1.2 tons. It comes with precoated aluminium fins and there is a Digilock that is present that will come in handy in case you have children in the house. Also, there is the Koukin Filter that is present and the Auto Restart feature that has been added as well. The most alluring feature of the AC is that is has the auto power save mode.

Hitachi LRAU014KPD Split AC Models

Samsung MAX AS123UGD
Price: Rs.21088

This is a 1 ton AC that is present and the company claims to have fitted the AC with the full high density filter that will keep your room fresh even though you don’t keep the doors open as the AC has been turned on. There is a smart electricity saver that ensures that the least amount of electricity if made use of. It has the ultra rotary compressor.

Onida S18MVD3
Price: Rs.23000

This AC is filled with features that make it one of the best options for a Split AC that are currently available in the market. It has a cooling capacity of 1.5 ton and there is the anti fungus and anti bacterial filter that has been integrated along with the AC. Also, there is the anti corrosion feature that makes ruse that the internal parts of the AC do not rust and there is the Bio Sleep Mode that is present as well.

Onida S18MVD3 Split AC Models

Electrolux EYS35RL1
Price: Rs.25000

This AC is known for its energy conservation capabilities. It has a BEE star rating of 5 and there is a rotary compressor that is present. There are pop up filters that are present and they are the Anti Fungus and Bacteria filter and the Deodourising filter. There is the Auto Restart feature that has been included and the AC is as good as soundless, so you can have a comfortable sleep.

Voltas Vertis Emerald Split AC Model

Voltas Vertis Emerald
Price: Rs.25000

This is a 1 ton AC that has 2 stars from the BEE rating. It has various features that makes it different from the rest. There is an anti dust filter that is present and there is a gold panel presemt too. The AC has been integrated with the Auto restart feature and there is the cross flow vane that ensure that the AC is noiseless.

Voltas Vertis Emerald Split AC Model

These are the best Split AC models in India 2012- price list that is present in the market. If you go to the retail stores of these ACs you will get them at a higher price than that of the online retail stores. So, go ahead and get the best deals online.


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    06/02/2012, 09:17 am

    i have vts 53 split ac videocon no 1 in india split ac i live in australia some people like videocon split ac . i am happy with videocon no sound no noise .but customor service is not gud.if costomor service gud indian people buy only videocon ac.


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