PS Vita Games Prices in India – Complete List

While you are waiting for the best PS Vita game releases of the year, you could actually get some games that are supported by it and play them instead of just having a very vacant wait and I’m sure that you’re going to find these games pretty engaging too. I have come up with the PS Vita games prices in India- complete list. Take a look at it and choose some for your device till the best ones are released.

ps vita games list

Mortal Combat
Price: Rs. 1999

Mortal Combat is based on the vanquish of Raiden by Emperor Shao Kahn, but he has one last chance to get back to Shao Kahn and save his honour and for that he has to go back into the past of Emperor Shao Khan. There are new game modes that are present and the visuals are captivating.

Everybody’s Golf
Price: Rs.2199

As the name suggests the game is all about golf and how good you can be at gold on a PS Vita. There are new characters and their description, outfits etc are all very appealing and you have a choice to keep up with the scores of your friends of the scoreboard that is present and you can also get extra juice into your shots with the help of the motion sensing feature that has been integrated with the Vita.

Lego Harry Potter
Price: Rs. 1999

This one is for children aged between 5 and 7. It is all about creating the right potions and there are some spells that you will learn too. The game has the single and the multiplayer option and is great to keep the young ones engrossed for a while.

Lumines: Electronic Symphony
Price: Rs.1839

This game belongs to the Puzzle genre and it is the best in the genre as well. This time it is totally action packed and is in 3D so you need to be prepared to be blown away. There is the single user and the multi user function that is present and the puzzles are music based.

Dungeon Hunter: Alliance
Price: Rs.1839

This Ubisoft game is the first action RPG game that has been designed for the PS Vita device and it will not disappoint you. You need to defend yourself in the dangerous land of Gothicus and combat all the vile creatures that come your way.

Army Corps of Hell
Price: Rs. 1999

This action packed gamed from Entersphere, Inc. has loads of adventure that will leave you breathless. You need to fight huge goblin armies and use the spoils of the combat to clothe your army. There is the multiplayer option that is present and that just adds to all the fun.

Little Deviants
Price: Rs.2199

This game has been developed by Sony itself and I can assure you that it brings out the best in the PS Vita. There are many adventures that you need yourself through and there are most of the latest features of the PS Vita that have been put to use. It supports upto 8 players at a time.

Modnation Racers: Road Trip
Price: Rs.2199

Here is yet another game that has been developed by Sony and it is pretty different from the rest that have been mentioned in this list. You need to create your own character and a track that will be used by other players that have the PS Vita. For each mile you travel, you get some extra points too.

Wipeout 2048
Price: Rs.2199

This game is all about racing and yes, you are going to experience gravity defying racing with it. There have been ten new tracks that have been included which means that the race just got more competitive. There are co-op missions that you can join too.

Reality Fighters
Price: Rs.2199

This is one cool game that will complete the lists of games that you have on your PS Vita. It uses the Augmented Reality technology which means that you get to play the game with the surroundings that you are in and that too, real time. You need to create a fighter and the NGP camera of the device will help you with that.

Unit 13
Price: Rs.2199

This game revolves around the most reputed intelligence agencies that are looking to penetrate into some dangerous parts of the world and get rid of all the bad guys who are running those places. There are new mission every day, so you are not going to get tired of this one, any time soon.

Uncharted: Golden Abyss
Price: Rs.2799

This is a single player game from the Sony developers that belongs to the Action genre that makes the best use of the OLED screen that the PS Vita has. You play the role of Nathan Drake who has unraveled the mystery of a 400 year old massacre and are helping people who are in danger because of the same.

F1: 2011
Price: Rs.2249

This game has been designed by Codemasters for PS Vita and it is basically a racing game. There is the single player and the multiplayer option present and the racing circuits that have been used are a part of the game. There are time trial levels present and also you get to move up the levels on the basis of your skills along with your friends.

Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes
Price: Rs.1499

This game is from the Warner Bros stable and is the same thing that you know about Batman, he is the messiah of Gotham city, just that this time you are Batman and this time you have Robbin to help you out with your mission.

Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz
Price: Rs.1999

This game that has been craftily designed by Sega needs to be on your PS Vita. It’s funny and endearing and it is sure to keep you hooked to your device for a long time. It is all about four naughty who are looking for fun and you just need to go with the flow.

Asphalt: Injection
Price: Rs.1379

Here is another racing game, but with a difference of course. It is sheer arcade racing and there are momentums and souvenirs that you can collect on your way. There are licensed cars that are waiting to be unlocked and the tracks go all the way from Shanghai to Monte Carlo.

Virtua Tennis 4: World Tour Edition
Price: Rs.1999

This is a sports genre game that will provide you with the experience that you get when you use the Playstation, just that it is even better. There are touch screen control present this time and there is the new dynamic online mode that is present. You also have the option of uploading one of your pictures as the player.

Rayman Origins
Price: Rs.1839

The game revolves around a hundred characters and they all are very unique. There are also a dozen new environments that have been included and the game is fit for everyone irrespective of the age group that they belong to. There are 60 levels in the game and each one is action packed.

These are the PS Vita games prices in India- complete list that you can have for yourself and trust me these games are going to make your summer the most enjoyable time of the year.

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