13 New Technical Paper Presentation Topics

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In case you have a technical paper presentation competition in your institute and are now you are in search of good topics for presentation, then here is the list of the 13 new technology research paper presentation topics suggestions ideas. Go through them and you will be able to come across one that will help you to make best ppt presentation.

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13 new technical ppt presentations topics

Biomask to heal injured face

UT Arlington Engineers along with the researchers from the Northwestern University and surgeons from the Brooke Army Medical Centre are presently working on a project that is the Biomask that will help people who have suffered facial destruction to carry on for a certain period of time with the help of a mask that is embedded with sensors and actuators. The mask will consist of several layers and these layers will pass on the signal regarding the healing of the injured person. it could be a very good  ppt presentation topics for biomedical students.

Beware computer can decode your thoughts

The researchers at the University of California have come out with some really smart computer software that is known to decipher the activities of the human brain activity and actually explain them in the form of words. This will be helpful for those who have a speech issue as a result of some other disease. There are electrodes that need to be inserted in the brain and these will pass on the message to the computer software. one of very famous research paper topics in computer science.

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Robotic Arms Controlled with Monkey’s Thoughts

If paper presentation topics for mechanical engineering is what you are searching for, then what could be the best other than Robotics. These robotic arms are controlled by the monkey just by their thoughts as there are certain sensors that have been inserted in the brain of the monkey. This invention is based on the machine interface technology and the scientists working on this believe that it will be helpful for people who are paralyzed and are not able to use their limbs.

Paper Robots

Researchers at Harvard University have designed a robot, the body of which has been made of paper. The robots are light weight and can be used for all the delicate jobs. Though it is not yet clear why these robots have been created but they may be of great use due to their flexibility. Paper Robots is another good topics for presentation for all major engineering streams.

Self Navigating Robots

Experts at CSAIL, MIT have developed a robot that has the ability to navigate itself and does not need any human help for this purpose. These robots are able to map their surroundings and find their way even though there has been a change in it. The robot has been developed for guiding the visually impaired. Robotics is all time favorite topic of mechanical engineering students so this is pretty easy topics for presentation for them.

Low Cost Solar Cell Created from plants

Here is another invention from the researchers of MIT who have created a solar cell that is made of plant products. The cell is paintable and it is much cheaper than the standard solar cells that are available in the market. There are plant products such are leaves and grass that is mixed with certain chemicals and then placed in the sunlight and this mixture then gains the power of photosynthesis. Solar Cell is hot topic for ppt presentation, while not many of the students are able to utilize its potential, i will suggest consider this as best research paper topics for eee and other branches.

Laser Guided Bullet

A new bullet has been invented that is able to guide itself and hit a target that is place a mile away. The bullet is basically guided by a laser and it will change its course to get to the target in case there are any obstacles that have been planted in its track. There is an optical sensor that is present at the tip of the bullet that guides it to the target.

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Double Sided Foldable display

Foldable displays are quite a fad these days and now, there and displays that can be folded either ways. This display has been designed by using overhead infrared cameras and also HD digital projectors. The display is projection based and there are reversible hinges that are present that allow the display to be folded in any direction.

Biological computer reading DNA

Here is a new computer that have been created by experts at the Scripps Research Institute, California, that is made up of biomolecules and has the power to decode images that are etched on DNA chips. This is a huge leap in DNA computing. These computers will help to understand and spot the problems just by going through the DNA chips present.

Retinal Implant Enables blind to see

Researchers in Germany have come out with a new device, which, when implanted in the retinal of a blind person restores sight within a few days time. This implant is a boon for people who have lost their sight due to any eye disease. This device has been names as a subretinal implant and it is place just below the retina.

Anti Radiation Chip

The anti radiation chip is a chip that is enhances the biofield of the human body and protects it from the many radiations that are produced by towers and buildings that are present all around us. These chips are embedded in a piece of jewelry that is in direct contact with the skin and it produces scalar energy that penetrates into the skin and protects the body from harmful radiations.

Texting Collar For Cows

There are new collars for cows that have been incorporated with the same technology as that of gaming consoles and there are 3D motion sensors. These collars are known to detect the mood of the cows on which they have been wound and they will send a text to the cattle owner about the what the cow feels via the 3G network.

Light Emitting Nanocrystal Diodes go ultraviolet

New LEDs have been created and they are made up of glass and are able to produce light that belongs to the ultraviolet range. This will help in the enhancement of the already existing biomedical systems. These diodes are based on inorganic nanocrystals and are inexpensive to manufacture and are also very easy to use. These LEDs emit UV light due to the placement of the nanocrystals in the diode.

These are the 13 new technology research paper presentation topics suggestions ideas for you. Go through them in greater detail before you make your choice for your ppt presentation.

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