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Taxis are one of the most reliable means of transport, especially if you are visiting a city, that you have haven’t visited previously. The taxi services have enhanced over the years and they are undoubtedly better than the other transport facilities that are available. Delhi is one of the places where you will need to travel by taxi at some point or the other and thus, you need to be well informed about the taxi options present. Cab booking in Delhi, is no more a trouble as there are numerous companies that provide the pickup and drop facility to the people who need it.

cab service in delhiThe cab service in Delhi is very well developed and there are many services that simply add to the ease of the people who wish to use it. One of them is the online cab booking that lets you book a cab in Delhi via the internet. If you have been to Delhi in the past, then I’m sure that you know that there are many cab services in Delhi and you can choose from any of them, according to the rates and the place that you need to go to. If you are new to the place and do not have an idea about the taxi service in Delhi, then you need not get anxious as I’d tell you everything that you need to know about the cabs in Delhi, how you can get in contact with them, the rates that they charge etc. In short, this post will help you know and understand the minutest details about the Delhi cab service so that you can travel to any part of Delhi without any hassles of bargaining and with all the possible safety.

QuickCab Taxi Rental

This is one of the cheapest radio taxi service in Delhi. It is known for its quickness in responding to passengers who need a taxi to airport or railways station as they send their confirmation within one minute of the booking the taxi. The passenger is charged Rs.10 per km which is quite nominal. Of the many radio cabs Delhi has QuickCab has the largest network and thus, the chances of getting a cab to a desired destination are relatively easy.

You need to call on 011-4533-3333 for any further information that you need about this cab service and its operation, or to book a cab anywhere in Delhi and NCR regions.

Mango Cab

This is another Delhi cab service is available at the unbelievable rate of Rs 10 per km. The USP of this cheap taxi service is that there is a detailed list of the places where they can drop you off and thus you can get to the exact location instead of choosing to walk down from a place that is close to where you need to be dropped. This is an economy cab Delhi has and there is the GPS technology that is integrated in all the taxis. To book a taxi from Mango cabs you can either visit their site or call on 011-6363-6363, 9211-785-759/62/56.

Aarya Cabs

This cab service is a venture of Ballal Jyoti Travells and the service is expanding at break neck speed. Their present charge is Rs.10/km. The taxis are equipped with all the necessary safety devices such as fire extinguishers, first aid kit etc which make it obvious that even though this is one of the cheap cabs in Delhi, there is no compromise made on the safety of the passengers. All vehicles that are being used as taxis are air conditioned. To book an Aarya Cab you need to call 011-4410-4410.

Delhi Cherry Cabs

Priced at Rs.10/km, Delhi cherry cabs is one of the best radio cabs in Delhi. You can book a cab in one minute in case you need to get to the airport/railway station. The cabs are driven by experiences drivers who have completed all the formalities required to get a sanction as qualified drivers. Cab services to NCR are also provided. You can either call 011-6460-6469 or go on the internet and book a Delhi Cherry cab.

Super Cabz

This maybe of the cheapest cabs in Delhi, but it is also the largest radio cab Delhi has. The company claims that the services that are provided at par with the international standards. The service is known to take the safety and comfort of the passengers very seriously. There is heightened security for women. The service is available 24 hours and you can log on to the site or call on 011-4100-4100.

Fantastik Cabs

This cab service is one that is used by most of the passengers, firstly due to their economical rates (they charge Rs.10/km), secondly, because they are safe and the vehicles are air conditioned and thirdly and most importantly, they provide 24 hour service. You can get airport pickup no matter which part of Delhi you are in. To book a Fantastik cab, dial 011-6455-5000.

Iris Cabs

This car hire in Delhi, is one of my personal favourites as its services are not just confined to Delhi, but also, to areas that are close to Delhi. There are special packages for one way out station trips and the rates of the cab are also quite luring as they charge, Rs 10/km with the least charge being Rs.175. You can book a cab online or simply call on 011-4433-4433 for the same.

Hello Cabs

Among the many Delhi cabs, this is yet another one that people prefer because of the novelty in the services that offer. They charge Rs.10/km with the least charge being Rs.200. They accept cash as well as a variety of credit cards. They are also known to go in for the shortest possible route to the intended destination and all the cabs are GPS enabled. Dial 011-6469-6469, 011-6535-6535 or log on to the site to get a cab for yourself.

Yo Cabs

Call on 011-4466-4466, and you will get in touch with Yo cabs, a service that will cost you Rs.15/km and a minimum rate of Rs.150. The cabs are best if you are in a hurry to get to the airport/railway station or for that matter the neighbouring regions of Delhi. For every journey you have had with them, you get to give feedback and also there are printed receipts for that you get for every transaction.

Wyn Cabs

This taxi service Delhi, has is one relatively new but has managed to create a name for itself. The taxis are basically Hyundai Accent cars and they are incorporated with the Car Entertainment system, to ensure that the passengers to experience any sort of boredom while travelling. The rate per km is Rs.15 and the minimum fare is Rs.150. You can choose to book a cab from their site or you can call on 011 4800-0000

Smaart Cab

The taxi fare in Delhi, is nearly the same, but there is a great difference in the services provided and thus, Smaart cab is smart choice. They charge Rs.15 per km and are one of the most reliable services around. You can travel to any place in Delhi and NCR as well. 011-4647-4647 is the number that you need to dial to get a Smaart cab.

Komfy Cabs

As the name suggests, these cabs are really comfortable and will leave you to the desired destination using the shortest possible route. Safety is one of the main agendas that they have and the drivers that they have are all very experienced. They charge Rs,15 for a kilometer and you can contact them on 0124-4777-888.

Metro Radio cabs

This is not one of the cheap cabs, as they charge Rs. 15 per kilometer, but they will not give you an occasion to complain. The service is open 24 hours a day and it will take you to any place in Delhi and neighbouring regions. The taxis are all GPS enabled and you can book one anytime you want, by simply calling 011-2922-2000.  

Miles Travellers

Miles Travellers is a service that is recommended by many. Their charge is Rs. 15 for a kilometer and you can call 0124 -234-1545 to book it. The service is basically based in Gurgaon, but it will take you to any part in Delhi. They are also known to organize national and international tours.

Carz on rent

If you are not interested in a chauffeur driven car, then, this is the car rental in Delhi, that you can make use of. You can choose the car that you want and they will charge your Rs. 15 for each kilometer. The car can be used for however long you wish and then when you return you will need to pay according to the distance travelled. To know more, you need to call 011-4184-1212, 1800-111-212, 9971-399-308.

Routes Car rentals

Here is another Delhi car rental, that you can use. Select the car and travel to any part of Delhi and neighbouring areas. The charge is Rs. 15 per km. There is the GPS system, that will help you to travel the shortest possible journey. Car rental Delhi needs thorough looking into before you hire the car. You can be assured that the cars provided by this service are all in the best shape and you will not face any trouble while driving. To rent a car from this service call 011-4440-4440.

Meru Cabs

Meru cabs Delhi, is a branch of the Meru cabs. It is the third largest radio taxi service in the world. It has partnered with the airports of most of the cities and thus, it is one of the best Delhi airport taxi that you can have for your travel. Their charges are slightly higher than the other taxi services that are available in the city, but it is also a cut above the rest when it comes to the services.You can book a Meru taxi online or you can call on 011-4422-4422 to book a cab at any time of the day or during the night.


Megacabs is also a great choice in case you want to travel in Delhi and neighbouring areas. You can get cab service in Noida, Ludiana, Gurgaon etc. The site of this cab is the most systematic and booking a cab will not take more than a few minutes. They charge Rs. 20 for a kilometer and 25% extra starting from 11pm to 5am in the morning. The meters of the taxis are tamper proof. To book a Megacab, you need just dial 011-4141-4141.

Easy Cabs

This service has its branches in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. There is interstate travel possible and also, you can rent a car for the travel or you can have a chauffeur driven vehicle. There are cars that are available to the NCR regions as well. You have the option of paying cash or card. Booking the cab is extremely easy, you simply need to log on to the site and type in your name email id and the other information that is required and book the cab or you can dial 011-4343-4343. The pricing structure of the company is very transparent and they charge Rs. 20 per kilometer. The cars are not very old and they are well maintained and have the GPS system enabled.

Delhi Cabs

Delhi Cabs offer quick pick up and drop off to airports and railway stations. They are also known to go to the NCR are regions and they are one of the best cabs in Noida, Gurgaon etc. The taxi is known to charge Rs.20 per kilometer. 011- 4433-3222, 4422-2222 are the numbers that you can contact the cab on. They provide services 24 hours a day.

Yatri Cab

The charges of the cab vary from place to place. There are cabs that are available 24 by 7. The company claims that they charge the lowest, as compared to the other cab companies in the country. They have their taxi service in Noida, Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai and other major cities of India. Yatra Cab offers outstation trip packages as well and there are many offers that you can benefit from if you book your cab in time. To know more dial 011-6464-7779.

In case you are finding it difficult to get a cab book from its native site, then there are many sites that will help you to book any of these cabs. These sites are known to provide all sorts of information that you would require while booking the cab for your travel. It’s just convenient as you don’t need to remember the numbers of the cab service Here is a list of the best most reliable sites that are being used for this purpose.

The site has everything that you require to know about the car rental inventory. There is clear transparency in the rates and you will get to choose from a wide variety of cab services that are running. There is a complete network of cabs that are available in the cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Jaipur etc. There are travel packages that you can check out on the site. The site has also been made available on mobiles for the ease of the users.

What makes a cut above the rest is that it you get an entire comparison in the rates of the various cabs that you avail. The site is helpful not just for India, but for many countries across the globe. As of now, it is only helpful for the taxi services in Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon. All the fares are clearly mentioned and thus, there is no chance of meeting any sort of hidden expense after using the cab.

This is one of the few sites that do not require you to register and be a member with them and thus, you can access the site and make use of their services whenever you feel like. If you need a cab and are unable to spot one, then there is a “Cab hunter” service that is present on the site which will spot a cab for you, in case you are unable to get a confirmed booking. There is point to point charges and thus, you save money. Also, there is no advanced payment and thus, you pay only after you have reached your desired destination. All you need to do is log onto the site and give a description of the place where you need to be picked up from and where you need to be dropped off.

Here is yet another site that you can make use of for the purpose of booking a taxi. The process of booking the cab has been made very simple by the process of four elementary steps.

You need to first fill in the details of the place you need to be picked up from and the desired destination. Once you have done so, you will receive a list of all the cabs that are operation in that location and the amount that will be charged.

Now, there are the booking details that you will have to fill in and lastly, you will get the passenger confirmation details.
You can cancel a cab for free anytime before it has been dispatched. The site provides you with information about the cabs of almost all the big cities of the country. In case you are unable to get a cab of a service that you have been using, then the site will automatically book you with the next best service.

So, people living in the metros and other developed cities of the country and sure to agree with me that irrespective of the fact that they own a car, it is sometime just convenient to reach an intended destination by cab. The reasons for this are very many. Getting a good cab is imperative and all the cab services and the sites that I have mentioned in this post are one better than the other. Choose any of them for a safe and comfortable ride to the airport, railways station or for that matter any other place and you will be there on time at a reasonable rate and you won’t be dissatisfied. Rest assured.


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