Top 3 Television Models with USB Ports


Televisions with USB ports

Television with USB ports make life extremely easy. You can connect almost all your electronic devices to your television and view everything on the screen. The high end televisions have USB ports these days and it is a prerequisite for the a television to be a high end one. If you are looking for a TV with USB ports and WiFi, then I have made a list of the best TVs with these features that are currently available in the market.

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Samsung LED TV USB port  / Model: LED 5500 Series HDTV

Price in USD – $650

samsung 37 inch led tv

This Samsung model has a 40 inch screen, which is mammoth and has a display resolution of 1080p, that is full HD. It is equipped with the SRS Theatre Sound audio technology and there are two 10W sound inputs that are integrated with the television. There is no WiFi connectivity, but there is the USB 2.0 port that has been added to the television. The other connectivity options are HDMI, AV composite port, Ethernet and PC audio unit. This Samsung TV USB port is decent enough and the other ports that have been integrated make the television a coveted one.

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LG LED TV with USB ports / Model: LG 26LS3500

Price in USD – $250

lg led tv

If you are considering televisions with USB ports then the LG LED TV model with the USB ports is one that you will want to consider. It has a 26 inch display with a screen resolution of 1080p (Full HD). It has a motion clarity index of 100MHz. The TV has the Dolby MS10 technology with infinite surround sound with 5 modes for different purposes. The TV is integrated with USB 2.0 ports and there are HDMI ports that are present as well. The other noteworthy features of the television include Intelligent Sensor, e-Streamer, e-Manual, Input Labelling, Keylock and QuickView.

Sony LED TV USB ports / Model: Kdl-32ex420

Price in Indian Rupees – 39,899/-

sony led tv with usb ports

The last company that I would name in the list is Sony. It is definitely one of the best companies to offer electronic items. The television has a screen size of 32 inches with the WXGA technology. Coming to the audio components of the television, it is equipped with the S-Force Surround Sound technology and also the Dolby Digital technology and there is the sound enhancer system as well. There are various terminals that have been added to the television. The main terminals have been mentioned. They are the HDMI, USB 2.0, AV composite, VGA output etc. In my view this is the best television in this list. The features that it has are better than the others that have been mentioned and at the same time, it is not extortionately priced.

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These are the televisions with USB ports. You can get them from any television store or you can get it online. There are many deals that you can get on these televisions. You just need to decide on any of them and then start looking for the right place to shop for it. Look at the online prices and the showroom prices before you buy the television of your choice.


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